What Is RPA

Robotic Process Automation - RPA

RPA is nothing but Robotic Process Automation . As the name says it doesn't have any connection with Real robot . But this is software robots . We all knew as 'bot'. To know what is it actually, we can analyse the word RPA

R : Robotic
P : Process
A : Automation

Robotic : As like I have already mentioned , The Robots means not a physical robot ,but a software robot which is actually a computer program that is capable of doing actions on the computer which humans can do . Say for example let's look at scenarios like I am owning a recruiting agency , and I am getting tons of email with candidates resumes as attached . It will be a tedious job for me to download and arrange it in specific folder and do some actions based on it. And I am having tons of other important works to do. What should I do ? I will hire an employee just to download and arrange the resume in a specific way. What if I have software robot to do all theses stuff ?? I will only have to spend money for the licence of the software. Which will be very negligible when compared to the money which I am spending as salary. Of-course there will be a Return of Investment (ROI) calculation to pic a process. If only it gives a good ROI then this process is good for automation.

Process : This means that in case of RPA we are automating the process that human resources are doing repeatedly and meaning less process like simply copy paste some text from some excel file to some tools like SAP  or something. This is the process which is repeatedly occurring and no need of an expert decision making . And doing in huge volume that needed many human resources working tirelessly for hours . In short the best candidate for RPA is the process which are repeatedly occurring and no need of human decision making . That will be helpful for the employer to use their human workforce to more productive works

Automation : If you reading this I might not needed to specify what is mean by it. Automation simply mean that a process or anything will continue on its own. Yes As like Newton's law A process will continue to work unless or untill an external force (in our case error) interrupts.

What is the benefits of RPA


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