Characteristics of a good RPA Tool (parameters you have to look into while selecting the RPA tool)

parameters you have to look into while selecting the RPA tool

  •        Technology
  •          Scalability
  •         Security
  •         Ownership Cost
  •          Ease of Use
  •          Maintenance & Support
  •          Deployment Environment

Technology: Now a days most organizations are providing virtual environment for different persons to work with. So that they are more concern about their data. The RPA tool must be capable of do the works on Citrix environment as well as the other platforms, that is it should be platform in-depended.

Scalability: While selecting which RPA tool is to be considered we must look into the point that this tool is capable for accommodating the quick change in business, recovery from exceptions and in high volume of transactions.

Security: Some process like banking and fanatical are required high security the data should be more secure and sensitive the RPA tool must be capable of accommodate both data security as well as the performance.

Ownership Cost: The Ownership cost for the RPA tool comes in action while selecting the tool. The RPA tool must yield high ROI Return of Interest for the organization which is using it.

Ease of Use: The tool which is in consideration must very easy to use then only it can the efficiency and employee satisfaction should be aligned to each other. That is employees can easily work on the tools without undergoing much training.

Maintenance & Support: Any RPA vendor must have good track record in the industry. They must provide good support on time for any problem raised by the customer .They must act up to the agreement between the customer and vendor.

Deployment Environment: The dev environment for the RPA tool must be very user friendly, the interface of this must be very simple and can be done by a person actually not form any programming background.


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