The Evolutionary milestones of RPA

The Evolutionary milestones of RPA

The Evolutionary milestones of RPA
  •          Simple process automation
  •          Solution Bots
  •          Bots mimics human action
  •         Self-learning bots
  •         Cognitive Bots

Simple Process automation: In the early days there was no concept like RPA . But small organizations find some easy steps to automate simple process like excel macro, Folder checking tools. Etc..
Solution Bots : Solution bots are next step in RPA evolution . They are simple solutions which interact with other software systems and operate on some specific input based on the interacting systems

Bots that mimics human action: From here is actual RPA footprint begin to appear. From this the RPA begin to evolve in a rapid rate. This type of bot can mimic the actions which human can do. The actions like click, key strokes etc..

Self-Learning bots: This is the next step in RPA evolution which is more popular now. This will include mimicking human action as well as it learns how humans do in specific situations and as a result the bots became behave more like humans and more reliable, robust and have high extendibility.

Cognitive Bots: This is the hotter technology in RPA industry. One step further in the PRA evolution. The cognitive technology uses cognitive computing which is a part of Artificial Intelligence. Using this technology, RPA bots will be able to take decision in more complex scenarios. The bots can be process unstructured data using cognitive technology.


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