What are the best process candidates for RPA

Recommencement Process which RPA Can have huge potential are .

Ø  HR Services
o   Data Entry
o   Payroll
o   Joiners, Movers, Leavers
o   Time & attendance Management
o   Benefits Administration
o   Recruitment (back office)
o   Compliance and Reporting
o   Personnel Administration

Ø  Supply Chain
o   Inventory management
o   Demand and supply planning
o   Invoice and contract management
o   Work order management
o   Returns processing
o   Freight management

Ø  Finance & Accounting
o   Procure to Pay
o   Order to Cash
o   Record to Report
o   Vendor Management
o   Collections
o   Incentive Claims
o   Sales Order

Ø  IT Support
o   Software deployment
o   Server and app monitoring
o   Routine maintenance & monitoring
o   Email processing and distribution
o   Batch Processing
o   Password reset/unlock
o   Back up & restoration


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