What are the influencing factors while choosing a best fit RPA Process

 influencing factors while choosing a best fit RPA Process
As of now we know what is RPA and What are the benefits of RPA. If you didn’t understand I strongly suggest to take a look at my previous Posts.

Now let’s come to our point, how will we identifies a process which is fit for RPA automation? What are the influencing factors while selecting a process for automation. There are many factors which are affecting the selection of best fit RPA process candidate, like how many human resources are doing the task, how much time will they take to complete a single process, What is the nature of the process, weather it includes human decision making procedure? weather we need to process a handwritten document to automate? etc..

Let’s look at the most key points which should we concentrate more.

The process which are manual and repetitive processes

 If the process involves higher volume of transaction and frequently occurring like it should be done on a daily basis. If the process is required by high human workforce doing it on a daily basis this process is a best fit for RPA automation. The Process might get prone to human errors while implementing RPA the organization will reap huge benefits out of it.

The process which is having Electronic input or a consistent Input mechanism

  If the process which takes inputs as electronic medium like Excel, Word file, PDF files, Note pad even scanned PDF is best fit for RPA automation. The RPA tools are capable for capturing information out of it using OCR technology.

The Process which includes subjected to change

  If the process is subjected to frequent change or its associated target changes in a short time duration, then these types of process is not fit for RPA automation. The process which is subjected to change in a short period of time then this should be avoided.

The process which is matured

  This means that the process which are well structured is good candidate for RPA automation. That is the process which is having well defined set of inputs and having clear processing steps is good candidate for RPA

The process which is doing in large volume

 Those kinds of process will make higher Return if it is automated rather that doing by huge number of human workforces. And less error occurs in time. This kind of process is best candidate for RPA.

The process which includes minimum of 2 FTE's

  The RPA automation process should be selected in such a manner that it should save at least 2 FTE’s. (Full Time Equivalent -FTE)

In short, the process which are having well-structured and having large volume of data involves, it is done on a daily basis by involves at least 2 FTE's then this process is best candidate for RPA.

What are the best process candidate for RPA ?