What is the benefits of RPA

What is the benefits of RPA

Have you wonder what is the benefits of RPA ? Why the RPA will hit the software market in Next 5 years ? Why there will be a huge opportunity is awaiting for RPA developer ? Let's have a look at what are the benefits of RPA . The first thing first , before discussing benefits you must know what is RPA . Please look at my previous post on what is RPA ?

The key main benefits of RPA are

  • Never tired 
  • High Speed
  • Free of Errors

Never gets tired RPA BenefitsNever tired

  Why its never tired ? because this is software robot. That never tired never complain about anything. Once the robot is created with better system analysts you might not need to worry about it. It will be working for the organization continuously for day and night without any fatigue. That is the unlike human resources, the robot will never tired and never complains , never stops working unless there is no process is left. The bots never take holidays or offs :)

High Speed RPA Benefits
High Speed 

    It is estimated that the bots will works 4-5 times faster than the human work force. The bot's speed depends on how well the process is implemented and the processing power of the machine which is running. Any way study shows that the robot will work 4-5 times faster than human being and it will continue to work the same speed for longer duration .

Free of Errors RPA Benefits
Free of Errors 

 Once the process is automated using RPA tools and it is well implemented , then the robots will never makes mistakes . That is unlike human work force there is no chance to get a human error because the process is done by the bots . According to industrial study a human expert level executive will makes an error is every 20 minutes. If the process is done by the robots , the issue will not occurs.

The Other key benefits of RPA are

  • Quality 
          Which Indicates that once the bot is all set for a process , there will be very less human intervention. Thus very less chance of concurring human error.There wont be any problems like duplicate entries 
  • Speed
         It speeds up the process and as a result all process or the compliance will be attended on time that helps the organization to grew bigger customer satisfaction.
  • Cost Reduction
         It reduces the human work force required and errors the organizations have only spend for the RPA tool license.
  • Security
        All sensitive details are stored in the security credentials and the robots are set no need of any human intervention for its running . That might leads to increased security.
  • Business Progression
       RPA enhances the disaster recovery. That means the robots and all data is easy to recovery and setup .Organizations can restart their process in no time.


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