What is Automation anywhere Architecture

Automation anywhere is a tool which helps to automate process using its RPA capabilities. Automation anywhere works as client server architecture. That Is a server managing and maintaining its various client.

Automation anywhere Architecture

Control Room

The AA (Automation anywhere) works in Client server architecture. That is it having a command center and which is controlling all the clients. The Command center is called control room which is a web-based application It act as the server. The control room communicate with its clients and bots and collect the necessary information to work and act as a repository to manage all the bot code. It helps to create various reports on bot’s running and can be calculate the ROI (Return Of Investment) in real time.

Bot Runner

 The Bot runner is the client of the AA client server architecture. The bot runner can only able to run a created bot. That if we want to run the bot on a machine, then the machine must have bot runner privilege. and should have the automation anywhere enterprise client application installed on that machine.

Bot creator

The bot creator is also another client of the client server architecture. The bot creator also could able to develop a new bot. For that the user must have bot creator privilege. In order to create a bot, the user must have bot creator privilege in control room. In AA the bot is created on Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client.