How to do round-off in Automation anywhere?

How to do round-off in Automation anywhere?
How to do arithmetical operation in Automation anywhere?
We can do arithmetical operation in automation anywhere in two different ways  
  • By using run script command
  • By using Arithmetical operational task bot from bot store  

By using run script command
 You can use the run script command in automation anywhere to run either a Vbscript or a java script file .
Step 1 : Add a new task bot
Step 2: Create a new .vbs file That is (Vb script file). You can also use JavaScript file (.js)


Step 3: Open the file with note pad
Add the below given code (for round off methods only) and save. This is nothing kbut vb code for round off a decimal value.

Step 3 : Drag and drop run script command to the new task bot created.
                Select the file which we created earlier .
                Enter the parameters in the Parameter text box. For giving multiple values you need to put a space between them . Eg : if we give 2.01 1 then Wscript.Arguments.Item(0) will be 2.01 and  Wscript.Arguments.Item(1) will be 1 . Like that you can give multiple parameters. You can also give any variable as parameter
Select the return value if you need to use it somewhere else .

Step 5 : Run the task

By using Arithmetical operational task bot from bot store
Follow the link to see the details of the task in bot store


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