How to get data from mainframe multiple pages using terminal emulator in Automation anywhere?

get data from mainframe multiple pages using terminal emulator in Automation anywhere

Hi all when we are automating a mainframe application, we might come across the scenarios like read data from multiple pages. If you are wondering how to go to next page and how will identify that the last page is reached? then this is the right place for you.

 The mainframe data listing screen usually comes in fixed size like 10 . The Items listed in a particular page will always be 10 numbers. So, in last page there might be present 3 items then it will show 3 items in that page and rest of the rows will be a blank. That is in our case it will be 7 . The mainframe usually use ‘F8’ key to move to next page if you press ‘F8’ key in last page there will be an error messages comes up like ‘ F8 is an invalid key’ then we could understands like we have reached to last page .  We could use this idea to understands whether we reached to last page of the mainframe.

 Lets look in Automation anywhere

Step 1 : Login to mainframe – Use Terminal emulator Connect command to connect to any terminals.

Step 2 : Navigate to the listing screen- Use different combination of ‘Send Text’ Command and ‘wait for screen contains text’ command .

Step 3 : confirm that we have reached to  the listing screen by using ‘wait for screen contains text’ command.

Step 4 : Read the content of the page using ‘get text’ command .

Step 5 : Press ‘F8’ key to go to next page using ‘send text’ command.
                Extract the values required using ‘get text’ command.
                Loop it until the error message comes.


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